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Isot Mediterranean Cuisine offers tantalizing Mediterranean food in Philadelphia, PA. The City of Brotherly Love is well known for excellent restaurants and we have added our name to the list. Although we are mainly known for Kebabs, we offer a wide array of fabulous Mediterranean dishes for our guests. In addition to great food, we offer a warm and inviting décor that adds to the authentic feel. We believe a meal should be enjoyed, completely savored to the last bite. Our restaurant offers that type of dining experience.

Some of the most popular items on our menu are Turkish food. This cuisine is famous throughout the Mediterranean for bold flavors and culinary diversity. We bring this amazing food to our restaurant in Philadelphia, PA for our guests to enjoy. The Mediterranean is famous for the use of fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. Roasted tomatoes fresh from the vine, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and a variety of peppers are often used to produce monumental flavor. Eggplant and potatoes are also common.

At Isot Mediterranean Cuisine, we use the freshest products to create masterful dishes designed to provide guests with an exceptional culinary experience. Some of the famous foods we prepare include:

• Mezes
• Boreks
• Manti
• Fresh Mediterranean Bronzini

We provide a regional version of all the foods listed above. Other common ingredients include spinach, cabbage, lentils, and cheeses. Mediterranean food displays a diverse use of spices, herbs, and ingredients depending on the region. We offer the best Mediterranean dishes in the area. We are able to customize meals not on the menu to please our guests.

Come by Isot Mediterranean Cuisine and treat your taste buds to a flavor extravaganza.

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